Personal data and their protection

Privacy policy

Buyer (if you are a natural person) shall notify the seller of your name, delivery address, including zip code, telephone number and e-mail.

The buyer (in case of a legal person or entrepreneur) shall notify the seller of your business name, address, including ZIP code, VAT registration and VAT number, telephone number and e-mail address.

Seller to the processing of personal data in keeping with Law no. 122/2013 on the protection of personal data and process only personal data necessary for the conclusion of a consumer contract.

The purpose of processing personal data is to use them to fulfill consumer contracts that the seller enters into with the buyers by the order in the online shop.

The buyer has the right and opportunity to update personal information in online mode on the website of an online store, the customer section, after login.

Personal data may be for the purpose of performing the agreement provided by the third party – the shipping company (courier).

The seller may process personal data for marketing purposes (for example, to send the newsletter or emails about news, discounts, events, etc.), And only with the consent of the buyer. This agreement gives the purchaser voluntarily ticking the appropriate box when registering for e-commerce and / or when sending orders. For this purpose, the vendor processing the necessary information, which includes name, last name and e-mail address of the buyer. Its consent to data processing for marketing purposes, the buyer can withdraw at any time, for example, sending a message to the email address of the seller with a request to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Personal data used for marketing purposes will not be disclosed to third parties.

Marketing information system vendor is registered in the registration of information systems of personal data by the Office for Personal Data Protection under the number 1410945, 1410549.

On written request, the buyer may ask the seller to:

  • confirm whether or not personal data processed by the buyer,
  • information regarding the processing of personal data
  • list of personal data which are subject to processing by the buyer.
  • correction or destruction of incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data which are subject to processing; destruction of personal data the purpose of the processing is finished; if the subject of official documents containing personal data, the buyer may request a refund; destruction of his personal data which are subject to processing in case of a breach of the law.

The buyer may, upon written request from the seller to oppose:

  • processing of personal data of the buyer, which it believes to be or will be processed for direct marketing purposes without his consent, and call for their destruction,
  • use of personal data of the buyer for the purpose of direct marketing mail correspondence
  • or disclosure of personal data listed for direct marketing purposes.

The buyer suspects that his personal data are processed without authorization, it can make the Office for Personal Data Protection for a preliminary ruling on the protection of personal data.

To ensure the proper functioning of the Internet business seller can save the device purchaser small data files – cookies that make your online store can be for some time to keep data on operations and settings (eg. Login, language, font size, etc.). Online store vendor uses cookies to remember user settings necessary for the buyer and functionality online store. Buyers can all cookies stored on his device and possibly erase Internet browser on your device set to be impossible to save them. In this case, the buyer during repeated visits an online store may need to manually adjust some settings and some services or features online store may not be working.